Craigfoot Keep

Craigfoot Keep is located at the base of the Whitestone Mountains. It is a quarry operation run by Thurdane Hewnstone and his brother Thurginth Hewnstone. Other characters include the alchemist Elthwick Forgeflame, master mason Bardos Hamersblow, cook Gidgette Brambletoe, and the quarry crew.

There are a few emenities avalible at the keep. These include lodging, food and alchemy supplies. There are also traveling merchants who pass through willing to sell their goods.

The Heroes cames to this keep because they learned about a monestary in the Whitestone Mountains from the lair under the Undead Tower. They are trying to track down a cult of Vecna.

The Heroes have learned about the following quests avalible at the keep:
  • Discover the Secrets of the Monestary
  • Find Elthwick’s Alchemist Friend
  • Find the Dragon who has Been Patroling the Mountians
  • Stop the Gnolls who Have Been Attacking the Keep

Craigfoot Keep

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